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There were only five more minutes left until they would fly to Privet Drive Number Four, the house of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. They made sure that Harry would be alone when they came to pick him up. Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Kingsley Shaklebolt, Alastor Moody and a few others were preparing to leave as Sirius Black entered the kitchen of Grimmauld Place Number Twelfe.
     “Like I’ve already said I’d really like to come with you.” He was almost pleading. “I think there’s still an old flying carpet or a broom somewhere in the house.”
     Lupin sighed and shook in his head.
     “We’ve already talked about this.”, he said. “Sirius it’s too-“
     “-dangerous. I know.”, completed Sirius his sentence with a defiant look on his face. “But I want to help, too. I hate to be trapped in here.”
     “Don’t be stupid, Sirius.”, said Tonks with a pitiful smile. “You know that we need you here...”
     “Oh great! The dog is allowed to guard the house.”
     “You know that it’s not like this.”, said Lupin. “You’re playing an important role in this game, too. And you know that we’ll be back as soon as we can.”
     Sirius was looking down. He looked so miserable as he nodded in fake agreement.

“I’m worried about him, Nymphadora.”, said Lupin as they left the kitchen. “I’m afraid he could do something light headed.”
     “Call me Tonks.”, said Tonks. “Don’t worry about him. He isn’t alone tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Weasly and the others are still here. They’ll have an eye on him.”
     “I know. But they won’t always be here. They’ll all leave when school is starting again and the kids are out.” He sighed. “Sirius is a strayer. It’s not good for him to be trapped in one place.”
     “But it’s the only way.” She gave him an encouraging smile. “He’ll be fine.”
     He smiled back at her. It was a warm smile that made her feel fuzzy inside. She could look at him forever.
     Mad-eye Moody cleared his throat. “We should go now. You can continue flirting when we’re back.”
     Tonks and Lupin blushed immediately and stammered pathetic excuses.


Tonks had still the smell of Petunia’s daffodils in her nose when she entered the stairs a few hours later. Everything worked the way they’d planned it – although she broke a plate in the Dursley’s house. When she was looking down she saw a thin flesh coloured cord on the stairs – extendable ears. She new that Fred and George were still trying to catch something of the conversation in the kitchen that was slowly running out. But she wouldn’t tell their mom.
     She was already so tired and distracted by the extendable ears that she didn’t see Lupin descending.
     “You’re going to bed?”
     Tonks’ heart skipped some beats.
     “I ... It was a long day.”, she stammered. Her heart was beating so fast and loud that she was almost certain that he could hear it.
     “Please don’t go yet.”, he begged. “Molly has just told me that Alastor and Arthur want to discuss next weeks night watch schedule. ... Molly made some lemon pie. And I’d ... I’d be happy if you’d stay another hour or two.” He blushed and looked away to hide his eyes.
     Tonks giggled. She knew that they had already discussed the schedule and that it was only a plea to make her stay.
     “I will.”, she said with a smile.
     Her previous tiredness was completely washed away. And as they were descending side by side she almost stumbled over the last steps.


“It’s so annoying!”, said Tonks. She was angrily walking up and down the kitchen floor. “How could this toadface ever become head mistress?! Is Fudge mental?!”
     “Calm down, Dora!”, said Remus.
     He was sitting on a kitchen chair near her. They were the only people in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place Number Twelfe. Sirius was probably already pretending to be asleep or something like this. He was isolating himself lately.
     “Calming down won’t do it, Remus.”, said Tonks. “That putrid git didn’t even allow The Daily Prophet to write about the deaths of Barty Crouch and Cedric Diggory. There isn’t even a single word about Barty Crouch Jr. He really does his best to ignore Voldemort’s return. It really makes me sick to work in the ministry sometimes.”
     Lupin smiled and stood up.
     “Don’t worry about it, Dora. Dumbledore said they’ll replace Fudge once the ministry learns the truth about Voldemort’s return. Everything will be fine.”
     Tonks smiled. Lupin’s smile had washed her anger away. “You’re probably right.”, she said. “I only hope the next Minister will be a better one.”
     “I’m sure he will be.”
     Lupin was now so close that she could see all of the scars and wrinkles on his handsome, worried face.
     “Do you think the order will be strong enough to fight him, Remus?” There was a tiny hint of fear in her voice.
     “We can never be sure.”, said Lupin with a excusing smile. “But as long as we all stick together we’ll have a chance.”
     He brushed a strand of bubblegum pink hair out off her face. His fingers were stroking her cheeks while his hands were holding her face.
     “Will you stay with me, Remus?” She didn’t know why she said it. The words had left her mouth before she was able to stop them.
     He looked at her for a moment, a lifetime, with a mix of confusion and surprise. Her face was an open book. Could he forget his reason and fear for a moment and just obey his heart for only this time? Could he?
     “Always.”, he said and it was his heart that answered for him.
     Tears of happiness were shining in her eyes as her face was blooming with a happy smile. She was so beautiful that Remus lost all his senses. Being close to her was the only thing his heart desired. And following the order of his heart he leaned down to kiss her lips. He melted under her kisses as she joined in and threw her arms around his neck. Their kiss was all that mattered, the only thing they needed.
     In this moment the world was good. There were no troubles, no death eaters, no Voldemort. Only this kiss.


“Remus, please listen to me!”, Tonks was pleading. “Please look at me.”
     They were in his small, dark bedroom in his cheap apartment.
     Remus shook his head and looked away. Heavy tears were running down his face.
     Tonks was crying, too – for the same reason and another one.
     “I can’t, Dora. I can’t.”
     His voice was trembling and he was avoiding her look as if it was too painful to look at her. As if it could make him stagger in his decision to do the only thing that seemed right for him.
     “Remus, ... please, ... don’t ... do this ... to me. Pleeease...” Her voice was trembling so much that she could hardly speak. She sank down to the ground and gave in to her tears.
     Her sobbing was so loud that it broke his heart, a million times.
     “Dora, I can’t.”, he said again. He had turned his back on her. “You and I ... it had always been wrong.”
     “Don’t ... talk like this, Remus.”, she begged. “Don’t make a decision while you’re mourning.”
     “I’ve made my decision ... before ... before his death.”, he lied. His reason was gaining control over his heart. He didn’t want to lose another beloved one.
     “Remus, it’s not your fault.”, she always yelled.
     “I should have held him back ... but I didn’t.”
     He turned around and looked at her.
     The little hint of hope that was blooming in her when he was finally looking at her again disappeared as he began to speak.
     “Dora, let’s face it.” His voice was unusually cold. “You’re so young, so much younger than me. You don't know the cruelty of this world yet. There is a happier life waiting for you, a life without me.”
     “Don’t say this Remus.”, she stopped him. Her tears were mixed with anger and despair. “Don’t throw me ... us away like this.”
     “I only want you to be happy.”, he said calmly but his eyes were filled with deep regret.
     “There won’t be any happiness without you!”
     Remus shook his head.
     “No, Dora. I’ll never be able to make you happy. I’m too poor and too old. I’ll never find a job that would be enough to feed a family. I have hardly enough for myself.”
     “Don’t come with your age and money again. You know that I’m earning enough for both of us.”
     “NO!” He almost screamed. He was using his teacher voice. “It’s not only this. I’m a werewolf, Dora. I’m dangerous. The only thing that controls me at full moon is the wolfsbane potion. You’ve never seen me without it. You have no idea how it’s like. I’d kill my best friend in the werewolf state. There is nothing that could hold me back. Not even you.”
     He remembered that fateful night when he had forgotten to take the potion and almost killed his best friend: ... Sirius. He looked away as more tears were running down his face.
     “I don’t care.”, she breathed. She stood up and walked over to him. “I’ve already told you that I don’t care that you’re a werewolf. I can deal with it. I’ll support you.”
     She tried to touch him but he pushed her harshly away.
     “No.”, he said in a severe, loud voice. “I’ve made my decision. I’m better off alone – and you’re doing better without me.”
     With these words he left the room. “Remus!”, she shouted after him but she already heard the front door clicking and the silent plop as he disapparated.
     He was gone.
     She sank down at Lupin’s bed and stared at the door in front of her. A moment of numbing prevented her to realise what had just happened. He was gone. Gone. And there was nothing she could do. Fresh tears were watering her face and the pain was burning in her chest. She screamed. It was a scream of pain, of sadness, of despair. And as she screamed her hair was turning mousy brown. The pain in her heart took the metamorphmagus abilities away from her.
     It was broken.
Some romance and drama. A lot of drama.
Pairing: Lupin and Tonks.

part one: [link]
part two: [link]
part four: [link]


partner: :iconkimurii:
assigned: August 3rd
theme: misfortune, 3rd week
keywords: Putrid, Daffodils, Flying Carpet, miserable, Petunia Dursley, Annoying, Lemon, Extendable Ears, stupid, Barty Crouch
word count: 1703
picture: TBA

For :iconpottershare:

Some events how they could have happened between Lupin and Tonks in OotP. :) I'm not sure whether the theme still fits though. I'll fix some typos and things like this later. :)

Edit: Fixed the typos and edited some parts. And I decided to move it into my regular gallery. :)
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